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Crochet Textured Shawl

Design Concept & Execution

For a production of the The Magic Flute, I was asked by the costume designer, Heidi O' Hare, to create a textured shawl for the leading character, Papageno. For this garment the designer wanted to implement soft textures and colorful patterns into its construction, have the costume piece flow with the actor's movement, and correlate with Papageno's love interest, Papagena's, costume. In order to achieve this, I created my own textiles by crocheting and knitting a combination of heavy spun yarn and recycled t-shirts for the base of the shawl, then layered braided strands on top of it. This process allowed me to control the consistency in texture of the garment as well as maintain a colorful pallete. Overall, the shawl achieved the designer's vision of making the costume piece free flowing with the actor's movements and to correlate with Papagena. 

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