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Guadalupe in the Guest Room

Written by Tony Menses

Produced by: Creede Repertory Theatre

Director: Sara Guerrero

Stage Manager: Devon Muko

Costume Designer: Celia Kasberg 

Scenic Designer: Uldarico Sarmiento

Lighting Designer: Mandi Wood

Sound Designer: Becca Pearce

Photographer: John Gary Brown 

Design Concept & Execution

Guadalupe in the Guest Room is centered around a grieving mother and her son-in-law as they experience the loss of a loved one. Through the shared love of Spanish telenovelas, the characters overcome emotional, cultural, and language barriers as they bond and heal together. For the overall concept and design of the show, the director and I wanted to stay true to the Latin - American culture and to separate the telenovela sequences from the rest of the show. To accomplish this, I costumed the telenovela characters in bright color palettes inspired by the Latin American actress, Maria Felix, and costumed the rest of the characters in modern day clothing.

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