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Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley

Written by Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melcon  

Produced by: TheatreOCU

Director: Matthew Sipress 

Stage Manager: Claire Police

Costume Designer: Celia Kasberg 

Wig & Makeup Designer: Megan Carpenter

Scenic Designer: Carleigh Wagner  

Lighting Designer: Marina Oakley

Sound Designer: Victoria Esquibel 

Photographer: Bryan Cardinale - Powell

Design Concept & Execution

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, is a story that follows Mary Bennet from Pride and Prejudice as she finds love with an unexpected, intellectual  match during the holidays. Set in the Regency Era, I was inspired by the classic, empire silhouette and combining bright color palettes to compliment the style of the holidays and the storyline. For this production I wanted to use a specific color palette for each character in order to convey distinct personality traits. For example, I costumed Arthur to wear a blue, regency tailcoat with hints of red and orange in his waistcoats because it portrayed him as a scholar with a subdued passion for science. For other characters such as Lydia, I wanted to show her flirtatiousness and naiveté by dressing her in bright pinks and purples and to separate her from others onstage. I also used certain color schemes to my advantage to easily convey to audience members who was coupled with whom in regards to love interests. To accomplish this, I costumed Mr. and Mrs. Darcy in a series of greens and Mr. and Mrs. Bingley in a series of blues to show that they were coupled together. For Mary and her love interest, Arthur, I dressed them in their own color palettes that then became the same in the end when they professed their love for one another. 

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