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Sister Act

Music by Alan Menken & Lyrics by Glenn Slater

Produced by: OK Opera MTC

Director: Dr. David Herendeen

Stage Manager: Laurena Sherrill

Costume Designer: Celia Kasberg 

Wig & Makeup Designer: Megan Carpenter

Scenic Designer: Jason Foreman 

Lighting Designer: Aaron Mooney

Sound Designer: Nathan Schilz

Photographer: Wendy Mutz 

Design Concept & Execution

Sister Act, based on the movie of the same name starring Whoopie Goldberg, is a story that revolves around a want-to-be disco singer who is forced to hide in a convent after accidentally witnessing a murder. Because the musical is set in the late 1970s, I was heavily influenced by the disco star Donna Summer and the fashion trends she set during that time. Emphasis on glitter, glam, and bright colors inspired me to costume everyone who lived outside the convent in a bold, 70s silhouette to contrast the nun's stark apparel. It was also important to stay true to the traditional clerical garb that nuns have been wearing for hundreds of years and to be as accurate as possible when it came to portraying those who live in a convent. Altogether, Sister Act provided me an excellent opportunity to learn how to balance the crazy style and fashion of the 70s with the strict religious garb of the church. 

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