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Three Sisters 

Written by Anton Checkov

Produced by: TheatreOCU

Director: D. Lance Marsh

Stage Manager: KateLynn Foster

Costume Designer: Celia Kasberg 

Scenic Designer: Dustin Bielich

Lighting Designer: Aaron Mooney

Sound Designer: Chase Stryhall 

Photographers: Tiffany Kashala & Bryan Cardinale Powell 

Design Concept & Execution

Three Sisters is a story set in the early 1900s that explores the themes of isolation and unfulfilled dreams among a family living in Russia. For this production, the director wanted to include the addition of younger versions of each of the sisters to 'haunt' them in the present as a reminder of unfulfilled desires of the past. Going forward with this in mind I costumed the characters in specific color palettes and textures to convey separation among the family members and to show how each sister's depression progressed through every act. For example, Masha, the middle sister, starts as a frustrated and depressed individual who is stuck in a marriage that leaves her unsatisfied, so she pursues an affair with another man to free herself emotionally. To portray this in her clothing, I costumed her in a black Edwardian dress of harsh pleats reminiscent of a strait jacket in Act I. As Masha continues her affair, the necklines lower and hints of red are more prominent in her clothing, conveying how she has grown emotionally through her affair in Acts II and III. By the end of the show when her lover has left her, she returns to her original color palette and silhouette of black and harsh pleats. Overall, I believe this design concept best portrayed the themes of depression and isolation within each of the characters of the show, while staying true to the new themes the director presented with the addition of the younger versions of the sisters.

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