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Unconventional 18th Century Wig

Design Concept & Execution

For this costume piece I wanted to create an 18th century wig made from unconventional materials. I was inspired by the hedgehog hairstyle and the idea of conveying a picturesque and garden - like appearance on the wearer's head. I knew going into this project that the most difficult aspect of constructing the wig would be achieving the amount of volume and texture necessary for the hairstyle.  In order to accomplish this, I decided to use pool noodles because of the density of the foam and and how easy they were to manipulate into a variety of shapes and curls. To accent the color of the pool noodles and to achieve the delicate and whimsical nature of the hedgehog hairstyle, I used paper butterflies, colorful beading, and floral elements. Altogether, both the quantity of the curls and accenting elements that I incorporated into the design and construction gave the wearer an ethereal appearance reminiscent of the 18th century hedgehog hairstyle.

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