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Wire Crowns

Design Concept & Execution

For a production of the The House of Atreus: Part II, I was asked by the costume designer, Becca Bailey, to create a series of crowns for an ensemble group known as the Furies. The Furies were based on the Greek Mythology creatures of the same name, who served and carried out the deeds of Hades (the god of the underworld). For these crowns, the designer wanted to implement both smooth and rough textures in the structure but keep the overall design sleek. To accomplish this, I used wire to make the base of the crown malleable and easy to manipulate into curves in order achieve the sleek factor the designer was looking for. Using wire also allowed me to factor in a variety of beads into the design and structure of the crown, enabling me to integrate a multitude of red and brown colors to break up the wire. Overall, the series of crowns achieved the designer's vision of making the structure of the crowns both sleek in composition and rough in texture. 

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